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Artist Statement

Birthe Havmøller:
I am a visual artist and an independent editor. I have been exploring my visual language and iconography for 25 years. Photography is my favourite media, but I have also been working with other crafts: ceramics, paper cuts drawings, and photo polymer printmaking.

The spiritual philosophy talk about being in the moment, being aligned with one’s Soul, as the sublime moment to aim for. As an artist I am exploring the sublime and the amazing creative moments when I truely see the Nature around me.

copyright Birthe HavmøllerI have been photographing my inner landscapes for many years, realizing that every manifestation is but the starting point of a new journey, a new wish to see what is behind the next hill or perhaps rather in my case, what is behind the next point, as I am a usuallly too lazy to climb hills… but I do love beaches. Beaches are magic space in between sea and dry land. At low tide the beach is a wide streach of land, at high tide it is narrow or is totally submerged under water. The Moon being the governess of the tide, ruling the movement of the outer waters, as well as the bodily liquids and my inner H2O.

I see the landscape as my extended body, and external memory. I can always connect with, or resume contact with the landscape. When I work with my camera, I turn Nature into a big ‘Magic Mirror’, in which I look for a reflection of my soul. And I snap photos, when I feel that I have found objects or sites that reflect something hidden deep within me… something that is yet so subconscious that it can’t be named… My greater self is most present at all the sites, which I feel myself drawn towards, and it is manifested most clearly in those of my photographs, which I fall in love with, and at which I can spent endless hours gazing.

When I decided to dedicate my creativ work to photography in the end of the 1980s, I noticed that people kept talking about ‘the light’ being all that photography was about. And I started, as all photographers did in those days, by fusing light and silver in the darkroom, creating classical hand printed b/w photographs. Now I am ‘fusing’ light and carbon, creating digital prints. – Circumstance has changed the photographic materials, which I am using, but I am still aiming at producing sublime b/w images, as anything less that this is not good enough!

Above: Self portrait at a Greek theatre on Sicily, 2013

copyright Birthe Havmøller