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Copyright Birthe Havmoeller

Titles: Left: Soltegnet / The Sun Sign. Center: Muren / The Wall. Right: Båden / The Boat
Friezes from the exhibtion ‘Mytologiske landskaber’ by Birthe Havmøller at Gallery Image in 1997.
Press: Galleri Image’s press release in Danish.

Copyright Birthe HavmoellerThe poster was hand printed. I have still got a few copies, if you would like to have one.
Copyright Birthe Havmoeller
Title: Buddha’s Feet
Photo: Birthe Havmøller, 1997.
Site: Rock carvings at Tegneby, Bohuslän, Sweeden. The Northern Bohuslän has the largest concentration of carvings anywhere in Scandinavia. The carvings has the greatest variety of images that exist anywhere in the north of Europe. The sites with ‘hällristningar’ (rock carvings) are UNESCO world heritage sites. Other major sites in the area are Fossum, Litsleby, Aspeberget, Jörlov, Kalleby, Massleberg, Fossum, and Bro.